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Established in 1983, Railtraction Engineering (Pty) Ltd, having celebrated 25 years of existence in 2008, has become a household name amongst South African Fire and Emergency Services.

With a well established product range consisting of Internationally acknowledged brand names such as AMKUS, Paratech, Tempest etc., the company has proven itself delivering a world class service to every client, every time, on time.


Due to their varied nature our agencies carry different structures to cover our trading areas.

Firstly we have our capital product range that by our agency agreement provides us with Sole Importer, Distribution and Servicing Rights.


These agencies also carry the responsibility of Warrantee Agreements, where we as the agents carry the Factory Warrantee and Guarantee towards our direct end-user on behalf of the manufacturer. This is extremely important as it ensures the minimum down time should any claim arise.

Original Equipment Manufactured

We further also ensure Original Equipment Manufactured (OEM) spare parts to the stipulated period and beyond, as guaranteed by the manufacturer, at our local industrial facility in Alrode.


Due to the specialised nature of your equipment, our fully trained workshops and service staff are also regularly evaluated and trained by the manufacturers to provide the required factory required level of service and back-up.


For our more consumable range of products our Accredited Distributor status provides you the knowledge that the products that you buy are sourced from the original manufacturer or their reputable International Agents. This ensures that you get exactly what you pay for with the protection of Local and International warrantees.


Taking note of the variety of agencies, we promise you continued local support and back-up on the same level as would be provided directly by the manufacturer.

Accredited Distributor

Our accredited distributor status includes products from Personal Protective Equipment to specialised HAZMAT equipment.


OilTiger Specialised mechanical HAZMAT absorbent spreader
Glove Corporation Fire Fighting and Rescue Gloves
Servus Fire Fighting and Urban Search and Rescue Boots (USAR)
Grace Industries Personal Identification Units, MVA Warning Lights (Glow Batons), Distress, Signal Units (DSU)
Edwards & Cromwell Non-sparking tools and HAZMAT leak sealing kits
Kodiak Vehicle Stabilisation Kits
Teled Water and Hazardous liquid tanks and portable dams
Hydrotek Collapsible and Rigid potable and fire fighting water tanks

Sole Importer, Distribution and Servicing Agencies

AMKUS Hydraulic Rescue Systems
Paratech Manual and Pneumatic Rescue, Forcible Entry, Lifting and Stabilisation Tools.
Tempest Positive Pressure, Negative Pressure and Mobile Ventilation Equipment & Smoke Training Generators.
HNE High Pressure Foam Fire Extinguish Technology
IFEX 3000 Impulse Fire Extinguishing Technology