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Established in 1983, Railtraction Engineering (Pty) Ltd, having celebrated 25 years of existence in 2008, has become a household name amongst South African Fire and Emergency Services.

With a well established product range consisting of Internationally acknowledged brand names such as AMKUS, Paratech, Tempest etc., the company has proven itself delivering a world class service to every client, every time, on time.


Various instances of Rescuer or Public exposure need to be treated and although full decontamination systems may be required for major incidents, a compact, rugged, single person decontamination units that provides full facility is often the answer for the everyday requirement.

RTE Decon I (Local)

Designed and manufactured as a limited exposure decon system, the RTE Decon I presents a fully enclosed, quickly erected, complete decontamination solution to any hazmat team.


The RTE Decon I incorporates a full PVC frame, with an integrated primary 2 point fixed mist spray system, as well as a secondary flexible spray/scrub utility for deep cleaning.


An ‘Easy Step’ built-in basin, with a capacity of 270liters, together with a manual decanting device will keep the system operational, no matter how long the incident lasts.


Our unique incorporation of a 65mm brass instantaneous coupling in the water feed system, as well as a flow control valve of the primary and secondary spray systems provides, your technicians with total confidence no matter what the incident..


With each component replaceable as an individual item, the RTE Decon I takes cost effectiveness to a new level.



Consisting of the following:

Packed Dimensons  
Length: 1100mm
Diameter: 500mm
Erected dimensions  
Height: 2300mm
Area: 1100 x 1100mm
Basin: Reinforced heavy duty PVC – blue
Curtains: Reinforced heavy duty PVC – yellow, 2 sections
Frame: Hardened PVC Tubing
Water inlet: Brass 65mm male instantaneous
Flow control: 3 Directional quick release valve


RTE Decon I
RTE Decon I