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Established in 1983, Railtraction Engineering (Pty) Ltd, having celebrated 25 years of existence in 2008, has become a household name amongst South African Fire and Emergency Services.

With a well established product range consisting of Internationally acknowledged brand names such as AMKUS, Paratech, Tempest etc., the company has proven itself delivering a world class service to every client, every time, on time.

Pneumatic Rescue Tools

With a history that can be traced back to 1963 and members of the Chicago Civil Defense, Paratech is an established manufacturer of an ever-increasing number of emergency service and specialty industrial products, with a particular emphasis on tools for technical rescue. Whether you are here to browse or plan your next purchase, we hope you will find this site interesting and informative. If for any reason your needs are not satisfied, please let us know.

Paratech and ResQmax™ have been using innovative pneumatic design to provide the Rescue fraternity with safe, reliable and easy to use equipment that make the job so much easier and yet does not comprise speed and patient safety.

Paratech...quality, innovation and reliability in everything we do.

Paratech Pneumatic Chisels

The Paratech Pneumatic Rescue Chisels have been specially designed to take the operational needs of limited air supply and extreme conditions with varying cutting and breaking needs into account. Using specially developed recoil spring return, the air consumption is halved in comparison to normal industrial based ‘Zip-guns’.

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Paratech Airgun 40

Paratech Air Lifting Bag Rescue System

Paratech "MAXIFORCE" high pressure air lifting bags were first introduced to the US Fire Services in 1976. Today "MAXIFORCE" air bag systems are used internationally by Emergency Services, Mines and Industries.

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Maxiforce Aif Lifting Bag - Kevlar Series

Collapse Rescue With Paratech Struts

Collapse rescue is easily one of the most difficult challenges faced by fire brigades and rescue teams. Structural collapse emergencies occur almost daily somewhere in the world. We have all seen these or similar news headlines and now we can be better equipped to face these collapse rescue challenges.


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Collapse Rescue With Paratech Struts

Paratech Special Mission Tenders

Designed by Paratech to provide a comprehensive solution for Trench and USAR operations, the special Special Mission Tender’s (SMT) have been developed in conjunction with many operational and training specialists. The SMT’s provide a complete once-off answer to major incident requirements.

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Paratech’s Airtrack is easy to store, and requires minimum space. The Airtack inflates in minutes from your compressed air source. Unique catamaran type footprints provide an instant stable rescue platform for emergency search and rescue.

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The ResQmax™ is the next generation in air propelled line deployment systems. Utilising patented air-thrust technology the ResQmax™ is non-pyrotechnic, re-usable and refillable Launcher assembly housings are injection moulded from polycarbonate, for high impact resistance 200Bar service projectiles are included.

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