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Established in 1983, Railtraction Engineering (Pty) Ltd, having celebrated 25 years of existence in 2008, has become a household name amongst South African Fire and Emergency Services.

With a well established product range consisting of Internationally acknowledged brand names such as AMKUS, Paratech, Tempest etc., the company has proven itself delivering a world class service to every client, every time, on time.

Mist Fire Fighting Systems

Impulse extinguishing systems are capable of using most fire extinguishing agents - all kind of dry chemicals, wetting agents, biosolve and foaming additives, salt water - even special agents, such as dry sand or cement for fighting metal fires.


However, in reality you mainly fight the fire with plain water and air - the cheapest and most readily available extinguishing agents that exist.

Shooting Out The Fire

Impulse fire extinguishing technology has changed the world of fire fighting in only a very few years. The way it functions is actually very simple to explain: it discharges the extinguishing agent in a matter of milliseconds at a very high velocity right into the seat of the fire.


25 bars of air pressure in the pressure chamber provide the high discharge velocity; the extinguishing agent - usually plain water - is pressurized with 6 bars into the water chamber. The shot is triggered off by a high speed valve, which lays between the two chambers; the valve opens for only 20/1000 of a second.


Air resistance acting on the water stream breaks the water droplets down and reduces the normal mean droplet size from about 700 microns to an average of 100 microns. So the cooling surface of one litre of water is increased from the normal 5,8 sqm to 60 sqm, thus reducing the temperature in confined rooms from a deadly 1000°C to 40°C within seconds.



Water Efficiency

The whole secret of impulse technology can be summed up in two words: water efficiency.
The smaller the size of the water droplets, the greater their absorption capacity; the higher the droplet velocity, the greater the amount of water that reaches the base of the fire.


This highly efficient use of water creates one of the greatest advantages of impulse technology: the system works independently of a constant water supply. Only a small amount of water has to be moved to the site of the fire for an effective initial attack. This makes for the high mobility of use.

IFEX 3001 Impulse Gun

The IFEX impulse gun is the centrepiece of impulse technology. The gun made of stainless steel consists of a power chamber, a high speed valve, a pistol grip with release mechanism and a water/agent chamber. The power source is 25 bar compressed air.



Water/agent tank capacity 1 litre
Overall length / diameter 800 mm / 70 mm
Weight, empty 6.8 kg
Material cylinder stainless steel SS 304
Shoulder strap flame resistant Nomex
High speed valve / piston aluminium F 52 / titanium
Pistol grip and trigger cast aluminium
Muzzle diaphragm special rubber
Release valve SS 304 body - aluminium slide
Water and air hoses snap on connections
Min/max agent per impulse shot 0.25 / 1.0 litre
Max shot length 16 meters
Width of spray / x meters from the gun 3.0 meters / 5 meters
Operating / test pressure 25 bar / 40 bar
Safety valve relief/opening pressure 35 bar
Valve opening and closing time 20 milliseconds
Velocity at muzzle 120 m/sec = 432 km/h
Average droplet size 2 to 200 micron
IFEX 3001 Impulse Gun

IFEX 3001/12 Portable Backpack System

The IFEX backpack is the most mobile support unit to be used in combination with the IFEX impulse gun. The unit holds a 13 litre water/agent cylinder, a 2 litre air cylinder and a pressure regulator with two outlets giving air pressure to the gun and to its water support. Water and any additive can be filled directly into the water cylinder, the concentration of additive should be reduced to 0.5 - 1% rather than the 3 - 6% normally recommended.


The harness is provided with an additional bracket for mounting an extra air cylinder to support a breathing apparatus.



Water/agent tank capacity 13 litre
Size air cylinder 2 litre
Overall width x depth x height 360 mm x 260 mm x 625 mm
Weight, empty / overall weight 10.3 kg / 23.3 kg
Material cylinder stainless steel 1.4301-SS304
Harness material flame resistant synthetic
Filler cap unit / handle brass / chrome plated steel
Release valve manual valve; 6,3 bar
Water and air hoses snap on connections
Water inlet filter optional, mesh size 0.6 mm
Operating / test pressure 6 bar / 7.8 bar
Recommended additive concentration 0.5 to 1.0 %
IFEX 3001/12 Portable Backpack System

IFEX 3001/35/60 Mobile Trolley Systems

The IFEX trolleys with their capacities of 35 or 50 litres allow the fire fighter to achieve more than just a first attack. He can use the standard breathing apparatus and still be mobile and flexible; the water capacity for up to 100 impulse shots provides him with the fire stopping power to keep even large structural fires under control.


The trolleys consist of a water/agent cylinder, a 6 litre air cylinder and the pressure regulator with two outlets. The unit is assembled on a wheel base with brackets for the impulse gun, the air cylinder and a 15 meter coaxial hose.



Water/agent tank capacity 35 litre / 50 litre
Size air cylinder 6 litre
Overall width x depth x height 525 mm x 520 mm x 1070 mm
Weight, empty / overall weight 41 kg / 76 kg (35l); 48 kg / 98 kg (50l)
Hose length 15 meters
Material cylinder stainless steel 1.4571-SS316
Wheel base carbon steel
Tyres solid rubber; 300 mm diameter
Filler cap unit / handle brass / chrome plated steel
Release valve manual valve; 6.3 bar
Water and air hoses snap on connections
Water inlet filter mesh size 0.6 mm
Operating / test pressure 6 bar / 10.4 bar
Recommended additive concentration 0.5 to 1.0 %
IFEX 3001/35/60 Mobile Trolley Systems

IFEX 3000 Mobile Tunnel Protection System

Disastrous tunnel fires in the past years have shown that there's still a lot of work to do in regard to effective fire protection for road and train tunnels. IFEX technologies with its tunnel extinguishing systems has now developed an effective concept which will provide a major contribution to tunnel safety.


The decisive IFEX product advantage - efficient water usage - was turned over into a combination of innovative extinguishing systems: sensor controlled and mounted on rails under the tunnel ceiling, or as fixed installation on the tunnel wall, or mounted on fast initial attack vehicles.


These systems need to carry only a small amount of water to the site of the fire to achieve maximum effect with a few targeted impulse shots: to either extinguish the fire in a still early stage or at least to cool down the temperature inside the tunnel, by means of the enormous cooling surface and heat absorption capacity of the impulse shot, so people can be rescued and fire fighters can get access to the fire.


Ask for a copy of the ‚Sintef' test report on the official IFEX tunnel testing at the ‚Akrafjorden' tunnel in Norway. The mobile unit ‚S' is installed on a mono rail system and carries a water reservoir of 2,000 litres with sufficient air supply. The unit is fully self-contained with battery driven electrical motors, batteries, braking mechanism and magnetic lock. The unit can move at a speed of 20 to 40 km/h; the units will be installed at every 1,500 meters and so will be on the site of the fire under 3 minutes.


In a fire situation, the alarm signal is transmitted automatically to the IFEX unit and causes it to start driving to the section on fire. The unit is provided with an Infrared detector and a monitoring system that pans and tilts the cannons automatically into the right direction.

IFEX 3000 Mobile Tunnel Protection System

IFEX 3000 Fixed Tunnel Protection System

The IFEX fixed system application for road and train tunnels consist of high performance impulse cannons with capacities of 12 to 40 litres per impulse shot. Every 60 meters, a unit is mounted into the tunnel wall consisting of two impulse cannons shooting in both directions to totally cover the section. The cannons are tilted downwards for maximum efficiency and overlapping.


The fire detection system detects the fire by means of flame and rate of heat release detectors. In a fire situation, the cannons within the section and the cannons located on each side of the section are activated.

IFEX 3000 Fixed Tunnel Protection System

IFEX 3000 Tunnel Truck System

The IFEX tunnel truck carries 2x12 or 2x15 litre impulse cannons. In addition, hose reel units with the one litre handheld IFEX impulse gun are mounted. The truck is provided with a 1,000 litre water reservoir, motor driven water pump and air cylinders for powering of the impulse cannons and the impulse guns.


The cannons are equipped with a pan and tilt mechanism for shooting in all directions and are operated from the driver's cabin. For accurate shooting the mechanism has a locking system that is activated upon triggering.


In a tunnel fire situation, the trucks will enter the tunnel openings and shoot frequently to reduce the temperature, reach the site of the fire and extinguish. The Tunnel FireHunter is equipped with an inline foam injector for effective extinguishing of liquid fuel fires.

IFEX 3000 Tunnel Truck System