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Established in 1983, Railtraction Engineering (Pty) Ltd, having celebrated 25 years of existence in 2008, has become a household name amongst South African Fire and Emergency Services.

With a well established product range consisting of Internationally acknowledged brand names such as AMKUS, Paratech, Tempest etc., the company has proven itself delivering a world class service to every client, every time, on time.

Tempest Mobile Ventilation Units

Tempest Mobile Ventilation Units are the next step in the evolution of PPV as a revolutionary firefighting tool.


An MVU allows PPV to be applied to large structures that were nearly impossible to ventilate before.

Tempest MVU

Tempest built the first Fire MVU in 1996 and is the leader in the design and application of large diameter mobile ventilation tools. With more than 70 units in service around the world, Tempest has the experience and knowledge to provide the right Mobile Ventilation Unit for your specific application. In addition, Tempest offers the necessary support and training to ensure every MVU is operated safely and effectively.

The MVU works by creating an air-seal at the entrance point, pressurizing the structure. The resulting airflow blows clean, fresh air into the structure, forcing out heat, smoke, gasses and other contaminates. It can be used to ventilate any size or shape structure as long as there is an entrance point for the clean air and an exit point for the contaminated air. It is a proven technique that saves lives, and improves worker and citizen safety.


Places where the MVU is at work:

  • Tunnels: Road, Train, Subway and Underground Utility. Ventilate subway tunnels from above ground positions. Support fixed ventilation systems or control heat and smoke when no fixed ventilation is available.

  • High Rise/Multi-Story Structures: High rise buildings, basement floors, parking structures. Clear stairwells to create unobstructedpaths for evacuation and first responder access. Ventilate underground floors and parking areas from ground level.

  • Airport Facilities (ARFF): Passenger terminals, large frame aircraft, freight warehouses, airport hoteks and tunnels.

  • Large Commercial Structures: Control smoke migration in box stores, shopping malls, convention centers and warehouses to enhance safety of first responders and reduce potential property loss.

  • Manufacturing Facilities/Warehouses: Minimize disruption of operations caused by small fires or chemical releases by quickly controlling and removing heat and gases.

  • Mass Decontamination: Utilizing the MVU misting system to knock-down gases, dilute chemical agents and mass decon of personnel and equipment.
Tempest MVU
Tempest MVU Trailer